My State Deparment FOIA Case Comes To An End

Readers, my FOIA case against the State Department has reached its conclusion. The Department has finished producing what it has to produce and has provided a log showing what it has refused to produce and why. Once could challenge its refusals on various grounds, but I think that by and large I did what I set out to do, and in any case the grounds for some of the refusals involve the law of classification of secret information, an area I know little about. So I am not going to pursue such a challenge, but anyone who is interested is welcome to take up the torch.

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FOIA: The Anticlimax

The State Department has now produced all of the documents responsive to my second FOIA request. I submitted the request on April 25 of this year, and so the process, from start to finish, took just over three months. Compared to the nearly three years I have been waiting for the response to my first request to be completed, that’s very speedy indeed! I suspect that in the world of FOIA, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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Lago Agrio: New State Department Records Show Extent Of Lobbying

The latest batch of FOIA records from the State Department shed further light on the lobbying concerning the Lago Agrio case. Among other interesting items, we now know that Chevron’s CEO personally lobbied the Secretary of State. Read on!

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Letters Blogatory’s Second FOIA Request

Readers, let’s recap. In August 2011, I submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the State Department, trying to get a handle on lobbying that Chevron or others may have done on Ecuador issues. The idea was to see whether Chevron was lobbying the State Department as effectively as it was lobbying, say, the U.S. Trade Representative, which was a particularly interesting question because the State Department’s guidance on Ecuador, and specifically on Ecuador’s judiciary, was relevant to the RICO litigation between Chevron and Donziger.

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