Civil And Commercial Litigation

Helping people, companies, and institutions with Massachusetts disputes

Ted Folkman has twenty years of experience in civil and commercial litigation in Boston and throughout eastern Massachusetts. He has experience in every phase of a case, from pre-suit negotiations, to pleadings and motion practice, to pretrial discovery, to both jury and non-jury trials, to appeals. He represents large, institutional clients—one of Boston’s leading teaching hospitals in several complex business cases; a private equity fund family in a multi-employer pension plan dispute; a government agency in a commercial lease dispute—but also represents families, individuals, and small businesses in their most important cases: disputes about commercial contracts and licenses, Massachusetts real estate disputes, including residential and commercial landlord-tenant disputes and disputes between homeowners and mortgage companies; claims against foreign governments; non-patent intellectual property disputes; and others.

What we do

Some cases are so large and complex that they require a large team of lawyers and paralegals. But may cases, even difficult and highly important cases, can be—and maybe should be—handled by a small team where everyone involved knows the case intimately and the focus is on just one thing: winning the case at an acceptable cost in an acceptable time. Folkman LLC is a one-lawyer firm, but we are well equipped to handle even the most challenging case. When we need more resources, we get them, and we make use of discovery and document management technologies that allow us to handle cases as efficiently as possible. For those cases that are truly too big for a small firm to handle, we can co-counsel with larger firms or help you find a firm that will be right for the case.

We also frequently work as local counsel in the state and federal courts in Massachusetts for colleagues throughout the country with cases in the Commonwealth. 

How we work

While most cases are resolved before trial, it’s important to prepare every case as if it will be decided at a trial. When we interview clients for the first time, when we are writing pleadings to be submitted to a court, and when we are planning for and taking pretrial discovery, we are thinking about what we will have to prove in court and how we will do it. 

We also focus relentlessly on efficiency, and we achieve it by making sure that one senior lawyer has overall responsibility for every aspect of your case. We don’t ask clients to pay for the training of junior lawyers, and you will always be in touch with the senior lawyer on your case.

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