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  • Case of the Day: Narbut v. Manulife
    The case of the day is Narbut v. Manulife Financial Corp. (D. Mass. 2020). Paula Narbut alleged that she slipped and fell on a wet floor in the lobby of a building owned by Manulife, a Canadian company. She sued for negligence. Narbut made a request to the Canadian central authority to serve process on […]
  • See Something, Say Something: Uighur Edition
    Readers, I was horrified to read yesterday’s news about the suspected importation from western China of beauty products that the government suspects were made from human hair taken from Uighur people detained in camps in western China. The sale of hair taken from members of an ethnic minority imprisoned in camps has very specific historical […]
  • Kuwait Airways: New German Appellate Decision Allows Discrimination Against Israelis
    Friend of Letters Blogatory Peter Bert has pointed me to a new decision from the Oberlandesgericht München in the Kuwait Airways affair. The airline, Kuwait’s flag carrier, refuses to carry Israeli passengers because of Kuwait’s discriminatory anti-Israeli boycott law. As I noted several years ago, the airline dropped its New York to London route rather […]
  • Consumer Arbitration: A Cautionary Tale
    Readers, you may know that in addition to serving as an arbitrator in commercial cases, I hear consumer cases under the American Arbitration Association’s consumer arbitration rules. My own experience, which I hope is shared by the parties that appear before me in consumer cases, is that done right, a consumer arbitration can provide a […]
  • Victoria Associates
    Readers, I am very happy to announce that I have joined Victoria Associates, a group of lawyers from around the world who handle international disputes, in court and in arbitration. The founders and driving forces behind Victoria Associates are my friends and now colleagues George Yates, Duarte Henriques, and Lee Boyd, three eminent practitioners in […]
  • 1782 to Watch: In re Republic of the Gambia
    You may be interested in a § 1782 application just filed in Washington by the Republic of the Gambia, which is prosecuting a case against Myanmar in the International Court of Justice concerning the situation of the Rohingya people. This brings to mind my last visit to the Hague in December, when I arrived early […]
  • Case of the Day: Densys Ltd. v. 3Shape Trios A/S
    The case of the day is Densys Ltd. v. 3Shape Trios A/S (W.D. Tex. 2020). Densys was an Israeli company. It sued 3Share, a Danish company, for patent infringement. Densys served process by having the clerk send the documents to 3Share in Denmark by Fedex. 3Share moved to dismiss. Denmark has not objected to service […]
  • Case of the Day: Veroblue Farms v. Wulf
    The case of the day is Veroblue Farms USA, Inc. v. Wulf (N.D. Tex. 2020). The question in the case was whether service in the British Virgin Islands via a BVI solicitor was valid under the Hague Service Convention. The Convention applies in the BVI by virtue of the UK’s declaration that the Convention applies […]
  • Prince Andrew and the Epstein Case: Can the US Government Force The Prince to Cooperate?
    In light of today’s news about a US request to the UK government seeking evidence from Prince Andrew, I am re-upping this post from January 2020. Back in 2015 I wrote about some unserious attempts by lawyers for an alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein to get testimony or a statement from Prince Andrew. I commented […]
  • Case of the Day: GE Energy v. Outokumpu
    The case of the day is GE Energy Power Conversion France SAS Corp. v. Outokumpu Stainless USA LLC (S. Ct. 2020). ThyssenKrupp had a contract with FL Industries for the construction of cold rolling mills at ThyssenKrupp’s steel plant in Alabama. The contract provided: “All disputes arising between both parties in connection with or in […]
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