Lago Agrio: Last-Minute Developments Before the Contempt Trial

Steven Donziger’s contempt trial begins in New York on Monday. In the days leading up to the trial, there have been two new developments. First, the New York Court of Appeals has denied Donziger leave to appeal from the lower court’s judgment disbarring him. This is perhaps the end of the line for his career as a lawyer, although it may be that there are pathways to reinstatement after disbarment in New York—I am not sure. Second, Judge Preska has denied Donziger’s motion to dismiss the charges against him on grounds of vindictive and selective prosecution, his motion to recuse her as judge, and his motion to take discovery. So it seems that the trial will begin on Monday.

Judge Preska’s order is a pretty thorough recitation of what the case is about. I also encourage you to take a look for “Donziger” in your social media feeds for a masterclass in good internet PR. We will see whether what happens in the courtroom next week has any relationship to what is happening on Twitter.

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