Readers, I have just finished sending out the canvas tote bags that I bought as gifts for those friends of the blog who participated in the Letters Blogatory tenth anniversary celebration. I have leftovers! If you are a friend of Letters Blogatory and would like some very attractive swag, now is your chance. It’s way better than a New Yorker bag or an NPR bag. You can get those anywhere.

tote bagtote bag

If you’d like to order one, please let me know here, or else send me an email. The price is $20 plus postage and tax if applicable. Show your support for Letters Blogatory and for international judicial assistance!

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  1. John Calhoun

    The Toronto Police are pressuring Google Inc to delist your website from the search engine.
    Read up on the Lumen Database:

    Mr. Folkman,
    Is there any reason why agents of the government, such as the Toronto Police are writing notices to Google to shut down your website regarding taxpayer funded public school teachers?

    Your website is being written to Google to be delisted and shadow banned because of a teacher in the Toronto district school board.

  2. John Calhoun

    This will be interesting if a Freedom of Information request to the Toronto Police in Canada reveals that there is no criminal harassment investigation, but it’s being used to encourage Google to delist websites:

    Re: Unknown
    NOTICE TYPE:Defamation
    Legal Complaint
    I am Detective Constable O’Keefe #9049 with the Toronto Police Cyber Crime Unit. I can be contacted by email at [REDACTED]. Gordy STEFULIC and Varla ABRAMS have been the victims of a vicious defamation of character campaign since 2013. Toronto Police Service have this report on file outlining this activity. As a result of these online postings the Ontario Principals Counsel and Toronto Police have investigated Gordy STEFULIC and Varla ABRAMS and found ALL allegations have been proven to be false. However this online content continues to be posted on the Internet and readily visible because it is indexed on Google’s search engine. I hereby request your assistance in rectifying this situation by removing all indexed links and cached links to the URLS provided.

    The Toronto Police request your assistance in rectifying this situation by removing all content and/or links to the URLs Provided.

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