Advice for the Representatives Considering Impeachment

The disconnect between the questioning of the Representatives in the Democratic majority and the Representatives in the Republican minority at yesterday’s impeachment hearings was stark. I do wish that the Republicans could take the long view and try to act in such a way that they will be accorded respect by students of history a hundred years from now. That’s difficult for any politician to do in ordinary times, but impeachment of a president is no ordinary affair. Even if you end up voting against impeachment: Have some self-respect! Take your job seriously! Rise to the occasion!

the First Congress

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  1. Antonio Di Stefano

    I hope some of them will listen to you. My hope however is that before 100 years come around out system of electing a chief executive of the nation has changed, so that people of merit come to fill the position, and not puppets or demagogues.

    1. Ted Folkman

      Well, not seeing signs yet, but the hearing isn’t over!

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