Lago Agrio: Evidentiary Hearing Stayed

A week or two ago I noted an upcoming attorney disciplinary hearing at which, it seemed, Steven Donziger would have the opportunity to make a factual showing in an attempt to undercut Judge Kaplan’s findings of fact. I opined that the decision by a referee to allow the hearing was probably an error, but that there did not seem to be any prejudice. But I also noted that the Attorney Grievance Committee, which is prosecuting the disciplinary complaint against Donziger, had objected to the referee’s decision in the Appellate Division and sought a stay. Donziger’s team has issued a press release acknowledging that the Grievance Committee has obtained a stay of the hearing.

This doesn’t bode well for Donziger, though it’s possible to overread a decision to grant a stay. I will let you know when the court rules on the Committee’s motion.

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