Belfast Project: Ivor Bell To Stand Trial

Back in 2016 I reported that Ivor Bell was to be tried for the murder of Jean McConville. If you recall from my prior coverage of the Belfast Project case, McConville was disappeared and murdered during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Although Bell denies it, the UK government seems to have obtained a recording from the Belfast Project archives here in Boston on which Bell admits to a role in the killing, or at least that’s what the UK government believes it has. I’ve previously noted some of the evidentiary issues the interview tapes might present.

The wheels of justice have been grinding slowly. My last post on Bell was in July 2016. Now, more than a year later, the Belfast Telegraph is reporting that the UK government intends to proceed with the case despite Bell’s assertions that he has dementia that will make it difficult for him to stand trial. The next likely move, according to the Telegraph article, is an “abuse of process application” by Bell against the government. If there are further significant developments, I will keep you posted.

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