A Letters Blogatory Mobile App?

Update: Early results are strongly negative. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll take a pass on this for the foreseeable future.

Scene from "The Graduate"
Just one word—plastics.

Readers, they say that mobile apps are the future of the Internet. Who knows if that’s true. What I do know is that in the last year about a quarter of everyone who has visited Letters Blogatory has been using a tablet or a mobile phone. So here is my question. Are you interested in reading Letters Blogatory using a mobile app instead of in a browser? If so, would you be willing to pay a small price for the app? The reason I ask these questions is that it costs money to put apps on the Apple or Android app stores, and I don’t want to spend it unless I think readers will be interested. So please fill out the short survey below and let me know what you think!

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