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Readers, I have tried many times to give you tools to search the 1,420 (and counting) posts on Letters Blogatory. When I started back in 2011, I had digest page that I would manually update each day. That wasn’t good for you or good for me. More recently, I have had an index page that let you look for cases decided by particular courts but did not let you look for cases that cited particular provisions. Better, but still not great.

Well, I think I have figured this out, and I think—well, hope—that you will like it. If you click on the Advanced Search tab in the menu bar at the top of the page, you’ll see the advanced search page. You can type text into the text box and select one or more courts whose decisions you want to find, select one or more statutes or court rules you’re interested in, and select one or more countries or issues you want to read about. Here is what it looks like—give it a try!

[searchandfilter taxonomies=”search,court,provision,post_tag” hierarchical=”0,1,1,1″ types=”select,select,multiselect,multiselect” headings=”Text Search,Court,Provision Cited,Tag”]

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