Lago Agrio: The Canadian Supreme Court’s Decision in Yaiguaje v. Chevron

Update (10:25 a.m.): The Lago Agrio plaintiffs prevailed on their jurisdictional arguments. Both Chevron and its indirect Canadian subsidiary are subject to the jurisdiction of the Ontario courts. The court did not decide whether the corporate veil between the subsidiary (the entity with the assets in Canada) and Chevron (the judgment debtor) could be pierced, leaving the question for further proceedings. Alex Manevich and I have made some initial comments on the decision, which you can read below, and in the next several days I expect to have a few posts from guest-posters commenting on the case, too.

Readers, at 9:45 this morning the Canadian Supreme Court will deliver its judgment in Yaiguaje v. Chevron Corp., the Lago Agrio plaintiffs’ attempt to seek recognition of the Ecuadoran judgment in Canada and the second most important legal story of the day. I’m happy to be joined on this liveblog by Alejandro Manevich of Ricketts Harris in Toronto. Alex is a long-time friend of Letters Blogatory and observer of the Chevron case.

The liveblog will appear below this post. To keep things simpler for me from a tech point of view, I haven’t set things up to allow you to liveblog your questions and comments directly. But I invite you to participate! If you send me a comment or question via the contact page, or send a tweet to @tedfolkman, Alex and I will try to get your comment or question onto the liveblog and to respond. Also, you can always post a comment at the foot of the post.

I expect we’ll start liveblogging at about 9:40. If you’re following along with the liveblog, please do not keep pressing the reload button! The liveblog should update itself about once every ten seconds.

After today’s liveblog is done, I will have several posts on the case from informed guest authors. I’m not entirely sure when these will be published, so please check back. In the meantime, enjoy the liveblog: the live entries will appear below this post, beginning at about 9:40. They should update themselves every ten seconds: please don’t reload the page!

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