Lago Agrio: More Sharon Stone Madness

Readers, remember where we were in the Sharon Stone case? MCSquared had sued Stone and American Program Bureau for damages arising out of the cancellation of Stone’s speaking engagement in Ecuador. Stone and APB have pointed out that the contracts had arbitration agreements and asked for dismissal. MCSquared claimed, without an affidavit, that the signature of its principal, Maria Garay, on the contracts was forged.

Well, APB has now submitted a declaration by Jan S. Tavitian, an APB vice president, that contains what purports to be her email correspondence with Garay, including emails apparently from Garay transmitting the signature pages back to APB. Some of the pages were difficult to read or illegible, but APB has also produced what purports to be correspondence to Garay requesting a hard copy, which APB says Garay provided.

So this is now a really high-stakes game of poker. Either APB has falsified not just Garay’s signature but a whole bunch of emails, or else someone on Garay’s side of the case has been careless or worse. Surely Garay’s lawyer examined her emails before sending the letter asserting that Garay’s signature was apparently fraudulent? Surely Garay obeyed her lawyer’s instructions to turn over to him all the relevant emails? I’ll keep an eye on this for you!

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