Folkman LLC
Boston. Global.

I help people and companies in Boston and around the world with their most important legal problems. 

Civil & Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

I resolve civil and commercial disputes through negotiation, litigation, and arbitration. I am experienced in contract and licensing cases, partnership and close corporation disputes, collections and asset recovery, claims against agents and fiduciaries, Massachusetts real property and leasing disputes, and cross-border business cases. I also serve as an arbitrator in commercial and consumer cases.

International Judicial Assistance

I help to gather evidence anywhere in the United States for use in foreign lawsuits and to enforce foreign judgments. I use a federal statute, 28 U.S.C. § 1782, to take US discovery. I work with counsel abroad to help gather evidence in foreign countries for use in US proceedings. I have also litigated claims against foreign governments and claims alleging violations of customary international law.

Picture of Ted Folkman